Meet our Agency

Here you will find the hard workers that make up our Insurance Agency!  We focus on Auto, Home, Business/Commercial, Life Insurance based out of Columbus, Ohio.  For entertainment purposes and to let people find out more about the agents that take care of their insurance services, view our staff below.

Jermaine is a proud owner of a Red Tesla Model S!

Jermaine is a proud owner of a Red Tesla Model S!

Jimmy "jermaine" fox

"Jermaine, Jermaine remember the name." Is his favorite introduction line when meeting him for the first time.  As a fearless leader to the team Jermaine brings a whole new level of hustle to the Insurance sales force.

Aaron "the carrot beard" Leddy

This Meat lovers pizza fanatic would love to have is superpower be money, because thats what made Batman. (is money a superpower thought?) This young highly-motivated water drinking man might not know where chocolate milk comes from(brown cows), but he is taste is expensive cars (Ferrari) is impeccable and he knows how to sling some insurance! Let him give your current insurance policy a review and I am sure that if you don't fall in love with his beard (ladies he is taken!) then he will work as hard as possible to  help you understand your insurance needs!

aaron leddy.jpg

Mike Doyle.jpg

Mike "nothing to it, but to do it" Doyle

This guy is looking to grind.  He is not only licensed in Insurance, but he is a licensed Realtor as well. For a guy that makes a presence when he walks in the room, you'd find it interesting that he'd like to have the superpower of being invisible. Does anyone now days know where chocolate milk comes from? No, Mike its not Krogers! This Rolls Royce, Mac loving guy is nothing short of passionate about the jobs he has. Give him a call whether your thinking about having your insurance plans reviewed or if its time to purchase your new home!

Shannon “Living on a Prayer” Adcock

If something is needed, Shannon is on it! If she could multiply herself I’m sure she would. But honestly, the speed she works at you’d think there were two Shannon’s in the office! In her spare time you will either catch her spending time with family, enjoying a good book, or catching up on the newest TV shows. She’s a mother of 2 little ones and we don’t hold it against her that she’s a Iowa Hawks fan. Sometimes you have to let those things go! Shannon is the backbone of the Agency, providing support to all of our customers!