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use your Valuation to know your insurance product!

  • Make sure you are not Over Insuring your Home

  • Three Ways Your Home Insurance Dwelling Value Increases 

    • Your home insurance has a clause to protect you from the costs of inflation and increases the dwelling insured value every year accordingly by a small percentage. Over a period of five to 10 years, this inflation increase may become significant, and it might be time for you to review if your dwelling value is still accurate to be sure it is not over "inflated."

    • You had an evaluator come to your house for an insurance home inspection and the insurance evaluator calculated the cost of reconstruction and recommended an increase in the dwelling value to your home insurer.

    1. You just bought a home and are insuring it for the first time, the agent or insurance broker did some calculations to determine the insured dwelling reconstruction cost using a standard tool and basic information you provided them with.

  • Can You Disagree With the Insured Dwelling Value

    • Taking the time to evaluate and understand the value of your home could greatly decrease your annual premiums, or conversely show you that you need to increase coverage due to holes in your current plan.

  • Dwelling Value Increases Due to Inflation Adjustments

    • This feature is here to protect you in the event of market changes. Know your policy to verify you have proper features to cover your most important asset, your home!

  • 3 Ways to Get a Second Opinion on Insurance Dwelling Value

    • Ask your company to provide additional valuations. Some companies can only use their proprietary systems to provide home Valuation reports, others can use reports from additional companies.

    • Verify County Auditor information on home to make sure they are using the correct square footage for the property or any additional home identifying factors.

    • Ask companies to re-rate in other programs available or new products available to either existing/new customers.