Its a New Year! 2018 Has begun....

Boundaries are meant to be broken!

2018 is already full speed ahead being that it is the 3rd already! Many of you made New Years resolutions to be a better person, harder worker, devote more time to friends/family, travel more, make more money, etc.  

How have you faired on your resolutions when we are looking at nearly 64 hrs into the new year?

Its not easy keeping your promises and your focus on the prize (whatever that might be).  See no matter how hard you work, how much time you put into something, your progress is only determined by You!  You make your own timelines, you set your own rules!

How can you make 2018 Different?

Instead of making a New Years resolution to lose 20 lbs. make it to be healthier and lose weight.  Instead of saying you will work harder...say you will work smarter.  Don't just say your going to be a better family man, or friend.  Actually carve out time in your not so busy schedule to plan around your friends and family!  

Talking leads to excuses, and action leads to change!

We must step out of our comfort zone to change, if it doesn't hurt, then it wasn't worth it.

In 2018 we are launching.... a Brand!

See we didn't start the Mission Insurance Agency to only provide the best insurance solutions to Ohioans! Although we do love taking our competition to the cleaners and are starting to make a household name. We did this to start a Brand! In 2018 we are going to make a difference.  We have made clothes that show our brand. And with each item purchased we are donating 10% of our profits to Charities, and you get to choose the charity!  We want to help those without a voice, we want to help those that want to better themselves!  Stay tuned to the list of charities and causes that we want to help!  If you have any questions or want to get involved, send us a message and........