Quotes! Auto / Vehicle , Home, Business, Life Insurance


This is the question that is asked every time someone calls into the office, Would you like a "Quote?" I hate to break it to you but if your not a current customer we already know the answer to this redundant questions.  I am sure that your not calling around to talk to your local Auto Insurance Carriers to talk about life goals and dreams! 

Anyways, back to the infamous "Quote" request that we receive on a daily basis. There are a multitude of levels of "Quotes" that can be completed for an incoming customer.  It often starts with the answer: "Oh wow, you sure are paying a lot for your Auto Insurance.  I am sure that we can do better!"


You get the response from an agent stating "Sure let me gather some information and I will see what I can do" You give them some basics and they proceed to provide a generic quote based on you hypothetical vehicles, Home, Age, listed drivers, agency recommended coverages, and driving history.  At this point you are either jumping for joy due to the savings that you are about to receive or you move on to the next Auto/Home/Life Insurance agency looking to shave a few more bucks off the monthly installments.

Well Let me break the bad news to you! 

Both responses that you received from the Agent/agency listed above along with the "Cheap Insurance Quote" expectation are unrealistic! Its not like you didn't know that already, and you didn't need me to tell you this bad news!" Since I've started with the Bad News, let me tell you about the Good News that needs to be known about the Insurance industry.

Here is the  Good News!

Obtaining any type of Insurance quote is about as easy as it gets with all the proper information. That information should include for all drivers and vehicles in the household: Name, Date of Birth, Drivers License Number, SS#, Vehicle Year, Make, Model & VIN (why both? because you would be surprised how many times we get the wrong VIN or the customer thought they were driving this supercharged luxury model). That information is just the beginning.  We now need your current insurance declarations pages. You might ask why? or not want to give us that pertinent information due to it having your current pricing but yet again we should let our pricing and most importantly our product talk. The declarations pages will provide us all the necessary information about your current policy. For Example: Current Bodily Injury Liability limits, Property Damage limits, and Deductibles for comprehensive and collision. At this point you are ready to get off the phone and asking what our current pricing is and how much you will save on the monthly installments. More Bad News, quoting car/vehicle insurance takes time, and since shopping your insurance is not like a quick shopping trip to Walmart, you want us to take our time!

With all that being said, there is a light at the end of this tunnel......

We will have that quote back within the same day of the request, any longer and there is an issue.  We will run all the necessary reports, work with all the carriers available, and give you the best pricing available.  Not every company works this way, and we don't expect to be like everyone else, there is a reason that you called/emailed/texted us for a quote!

Remember #YourInsuranceIsOurMission