The Solar Eclipse, and this Columbus, Ohio Mystery!

Who took the time out of their day on Monday to watch the Solar Eclipse?

I would venture to say that a majority of the population took off work, and heck even school was closed...didn't school just start for most of the region?  There is something about the fact that a Solar Eclipse can have everyone going nuts about the "once-in-a-lifetime" view  of darkness on the earth.  Now unfortunately Columbus, Ohio did not have complete Totality, so it was not all the way dark here for that short period of time, but if you were lucky enough to be in an area with 100% totality I bet it was a surreal experience.  

2 thoughts from Monday's experience....

Solar Eclipse glasses were darn near impossible to find for sale as everyone sold out of them....and those that bought the glasses after the eclipse was over should really rethink their budget and future planning :)

So the next Total Solar Eclipse will happen April 8th, 2024 so if you missed it then you should start planning now!  Good news to us Ohioan's is that we will not have to travel as we should have 100% Totality here!

I promise next time I won't use a catchy headline to get you to read the blog, but doesn't always have to be about important business stuff!