Discounts- The secret Auto/Home Insurance Discounts they don't tell you about!

Part 2-Employment Discounts Cont.

Where do you work, and what do you do for a living? Those are questions that your insurance agent/agency should ask you! Some jobs get higher discounts then others but pretty much any class of jobs will get you a discount.  Make sure to let them know what you are doing, take advantage of the savings today.  Keep in mind that not every company will provide discounts for al jobs/job titles.

Here are a few job titles that will provide a discount with most carriers:



Realtor/Real Estate Agent


Banker/Loan Officer

Military Personnel(Any Branch)/ Retired Military


Police Officer

Education (Teacher)


Make sure to take advantage of any and all discounts available.  Sometimes there will be verification of your Employment or Education history.  Its better to be honest up front to make sure you are getting the best price to begin with. If you have any questions or are not sure if your job/education will warrant a discount on your Auto Insurance/Home Insurance or other policies it doesn't hurt to ask!