Discounts- What discounts the insurance companies don't tell you about!

Part 1- Employment Discounts

First and foremost you might ask yourself, why would an insurance brokerage talk openly about the discounts some carriers offer that others don't. Well the easy answer is that we want you to have the best pricing available when it comes to each and every carrier that we work with.  The are a ton of discounts that are readily available for each customer and we always make sure that you get to take advantage of the.

Highest Level of Education-

Believe it or not just giving information to your insurance agent stating your highest level of eduction received can warrant a discount for the household.  Even if the primary insured does not carry the highest level of education it is always good to let your agent know what the highest level of education is in the household.

Final thoughts, if your agent is not letting you know of the discounts readily available then they are doing you a disservice. Stay tuned for part 2 of discounts that you should be watching for!