Its a New Year! 2018 Has begun....

Its a New Year! 2018 Has begun....

In 2018 we are launching.... a Brand!

See we didn't start the Mission Insurance Agency to only provide the best insurance solutions to Ohioans! Although we do love taking our competition to the cleaners and are starting to make a household name. We did this to start a Brand! In 2018 we are going to make a difference.  We have made clothes that show our brand. And with each item purchased we are donating 10% of our profits to Charities, and you get to choose the charity!  We want to help those without a voice, we want to help those that want to better themselves!  Stay tuned to the list of charities and causes that we want to help!  If you have any questions or want to get involved, send us a message and........


The Solar Eclipse, and this Columbus, Ohio Mystery!

Who took the time out of their day on Monday to watch the Solar Eclipse?

I would venture to say that a majority of the population took off work, and heck even school was closed...didn't school just start for most of the region?  There is something about the fact that a Solar Eclipse can have everyone going nuts about the "once-in-a-lifetime" view  of darkness on the earth.  Now unfortunately Columbus, Ohio did not have complete Totality, so it was not all the way dark here for that short period of time, but if you were lucky enough to be in an area with 100% totality I bet it was a surreal experience.  

2 thoughts from Monday's experience....

Solar Eclipse glasses were darn near impossible to find for sale as everyone sold out of them....and those that bought the glasses after the eclipse was over should really rethink their budget and future planning :)

So the next Total Solar Eclipse will happen April 8th, 2024 so if you missed it then you should start planning now!  Good news to us Ohioan's is that we will not have to travel as we should have 100% Totality here!

I promise next time I won't use a catchy headline to get you to read the blog, but doesn't always have to be about important business stuff!

Real Estate Risk Assessment- Our Solution to your Problem*

I think that I will keep it short and sweet today from a writing standpoint.  We have had some longer blogs in the past so why not get to the point!

Has anyone ever told you about a Real Estate Risk Assessment? What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear it?  I know in my previous life before running this agency and selling insurance I'd think you were talking about an Home Appraisal, or Home Inspection.  Well your close BUT not right.  A Real Estate Risk Assessment is something that only a few companies complete when there is a potential purchase of a new home.  It is completed by an Insurance Company i.e. Mission Insurance Agency!  

A Real Estate Risk Assessment(RERA) dives into the prior loss history and risk rating for property at hand.  We are able to see prior losses and improvements for the home.  A RERA does not always show bad things it can also be an indicator of good history with the home.  It is what we would consider completing the full assessment that should be done with any property that is going to be purchased. 

For Example: Your inspector might not be able to tell if the home had water damage previously in the basement, we are able to pull loss history records and C.L.U.E. reports for a home and see what claims have been reported in the past.  Often times people will report some damage but not have it fixed/replaced by the insurance company because it falls below their deductible.


In the next blog I will dive deeper into the Real Estate Risk Assessment (RERA)....

What Does Home Insurance have to deal with the HOT Real Estate Market in Columbus Ohio?

What Does Home Insurance have to deal with the HOT Real Estate Market in Columbus Ohio?

We all know that people in this market are losing their minds with pricing their homes, and that Real Estate agents are pushing higher values by disputing appraisals and becoming more clever when listing properties.  Its unreal to see a property that hasn't had updates in over 20 yrs. go into a bidding war and sale for 10K over listing price. Now don't get me wrong I am all for sellers taking advantage of the market and RE Agents pushing the limits.

Water Damage- What to expect, when your not expecting it!

Water Damage- What to expect, when your not expecting it!

A difficult issue to repair in a home even if it has been detected. Unlike other issues i.e. Fire Damage, and Wind and Hail damage, Water damage is often unknown, overlooked and bandages are placed on the issue to provide a temporary fix to the problem. In most cases, the current homeowner catches an issue in the early stages they do not make an insurance claim and the problem goes undisclosed to future buyers.